The Hague

Discover the captivating city of The Hague, located on the western coast of The Netherlands, where culture, history, and international allure converge. Begin your exploration by visiting the iconic Binnenhof, a historic complex that houses the Dutch Parliament and the office of the Prime Minister. Marvel at the stunning Peace Palace, an architectural gem that serves as a symbol of international justice. Explore the Mauritshuis, a world-renowned art museum, and admire masterpieces by Dutch masters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt.

The Hague
The Hague map

Public transport

The Hague has a well-organized public transportation system, offering various modes of travel for both the city and surrounding areas. Here is a comprehensive overview of the main aspects of public transportation in The Hague:
Streetcar: Trams play a central role in public transportation in The Hague. The city has an extensive streetcar network that serves different parts of the cityscape. Streetcars are preferred by residents and visitors alike.
Bus: The bus network in The Hague is good and provides excellent connections to different areas of the city and neighboring municipalities. Buses run on a regular schedule and offer a convenient way to navigate around the city.
In addition, The Hague offers several bus lines, including Line 22 to Scheveningen and Line 28 to Delft. These lines offer convenient connections to popular destinations in and around the city. The extensive bus network provides efficient travel throughout The Hague and facilitates seamless travel to nearby cities such as Delft, Scheveningen and Zoetermeer.